National Benefit Services

COBRA Benefits

NBS is fully versed in the nuances of of governmental compliance. We can help employers and employees navigate the treacherous trails of red tape to insure that all of the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted. When you work with NBS, you don’t get a stack of forms and a brush-off. You get expert advice from qualified professionals who handle COBRA issues every single day. In 1986, Congress passed the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation ...

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Save my 401k Please

Retirement Plans

NBS offers Retirement Plans that are customized to accommodate the growing needs of today’s employers and employees. We specialize in Plan design consultation, conversion, preparation of Plan documents, administration and compliance testing. We offer the standard 401k option which allows employers to put aside pretax income for their employees, but we also go much further, offering Profit Sharing and Cash Balanced options; as well as 403b and 457 options for public school districts, universities, governmental ...

Single-Source Solution

NBS has proven to be the Single-Source Solution for employers nationwide for their plan benefits. With NBS, you are able to bundle your FSA, HSA, HRA, and Retirement Plans. NBS dedicates a direct point of contact for plan sponsors and a participant service center to answer employee questions related to their plan benefits. Contact a member of the Sales Team to learn more about how easy it is to consolidate your benefits with NBS and ...

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HSA with NBS

NBS has developed a service model that simplifies the use of the HSA benefit for participants with an easy-to-use NBS Debit Card and carrier integration for convenient reimbursement options. For participants interested in growing their money and saving for the future, NBS offers a diverse lineup of investment opportunities. An intuitive website makes the entire HSA experience with NBS one that employees will be excited about.  

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