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National Benefit Services is an independent Third Party Administrator (TPA). We partner with major mutual fund platform providers and local investment professionals to build a “professionally bundled” service team. This approach provides the best program available for our Plan Sponsors – the accessibility and responsiveness of local investment management and administration, combined with state-of-the-art record keeping and fund offerings. Our Plan Sponsors and their employees enjoy the benefits of a first-class retirement plan delivered by people who live and work in the same communities as the clients they serve.
As an independent TPA, our success depends largely upon our relationships with local area Advisors. As we partner together with the best Investment Providers in the industry, we are all able to benefit from one another’s strengths and, in turn, provide the best product available for the Plan Sponsor. When working together, each individual team provides the following strengths:

National Benefit Services

  • Assists with plan design
  • Provides and maintains plan document
  • Helps ensure plan’s compliance with pension law
  • Assists Plan Sponsor with fiduciary compliance
  • Performs all required testing
  • Prepares Form 5500 and schedules
  • Prepares Summary Annual Report

Financial Advisor

  • Helps with investment selection, monitoring and review
  • Assists in preparation of Investment Policy Statement
  • Participant enrollment
  • Ongoing participant education
  • Distribution planning for terminating participants
  • Assists Plan Sponsor with fiduciary compliance

Investment Provider

  • Offers wide range of investment options
  • Processes investment transactions
  • Values accounts daily and maintains participant data
  • Provides 24/7 online account access for participants and sponsors
  • Provides quarterly participant statements
  • Tax withholding and reporting

Plan Sponsor

  • Selects service providers for the Plan
  • Determines eligibility of participants to enter the Plan
  • Delivers required notices and disclosures to Plan participants
  • Withholds contributions from employee paychecks and timely submits them to Investment Provider
  • Obtains an ERISA Fidelity Bond for the Plan
  • Reviews and signs Plan Documents and annual filings
  • Approves participant transactions

Many of these responsibilities can be outsourced to NBS Fiduciary Services.

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