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Online Payroll Remittance

Online Payroll Remittance for Payments to Ameriprise Financial Accounts

National Benefit Services, LLC (NBS) is proud to team up with Ameriprise Financial to administer online capabilities for employers participating in payroll remittance.

Previously, payment options were limited to mailing, faxing, or emailing a check to NBS. You now have the option of using the NBS website to manage payments. You can provide deposit instructions while simultaneously giving NBS authorization to pull the corresponding payment directly from your bank account. There’s no need to write checks, arrange for ACH bank transfers, or mail paper detail.

Different options are available depending on the capabilities of your organization and what is most convenient for you. In addition to sending payments, the website also allows you the option to view employee contribution history and manage employees’ Ameriprise® account allocations.

Questions? Contact Us

NBS Ameriprise Financial Service Team
Phone: 1 (877) 938-7310

Online Payroll Remittance allows you to:

  • Easily remit retirement contributions for your employees to Ameriprise Financial
  • Make quick electronic payments instead of mailing checks and paper detail
  • Access reporting and processing history showing what NBS has processed to date, how it was applied by employee, and the employee’s account number
  • Deposit payments to employee accounts faster
  • Manage employees’ Ameriprise account allocations (optional)

Three easy ways to manage data:

  1. Upload an Excel file in NBS format OR
  2. Enter the specific dollar amounts for each of your employees OR
  3. Copy previously submitted online payments

Website-based payment management tool

If producing and uploading a formatted file doesn’t make sense for your organization, you can manage payment amounts individually in a grid on your web browser.

Please note...

  • This payment option is currently only available to employers that will allow NBS to debit (ACH) their bank account.
  • The reporting features offered do not provide an actual Ameriprise account balance.
  • Reports show NBS processing history and do not include corrections, investment performance, balances, etc.
  • The employee allocation update tool will allow an employer to modify the percentage or dollar amounts allocated to each account but will not allow you to add or change existing accounts.
  • This system is not designed to handle recurring contributions. Ameriprise accounts will only be funded each time a user logs on to the website and submits contributions.


Complete the Online Payroll ACH Agreement and fax or email it to NBS. Download the form below.

Fax: 801-838-7311


NBS will validate your bank account by performing a small test debit of $0.01. We will send you a confirmation email on the day we initiate the test transaction.


You should confirm with your bank that the transaction was successful. Depending on your bank’s ACH fraud filtering mechanisms you may need to identify Ameriprise and NBS as trusted banking partners.

Company Name for transactions: AMERIPRISE/NBS
Company ID for transactions: D411667086


After a waiting period of 6-10 business days (a requirement to validate the account), NBS will send you an email to provide login credentials and instructions for using the website. After watching a short video tutorial you may begin to use the website to manage your remittances to Ameriprise.


Let us know if you need help. We’re happy to provide any assistance necessary.


Once the $0.01 test transaction is successful, NBS will refund the amount to you via ACH.


Please continue to fund your employees’ Ameriprise accounts using your traditional method until you receive an email from NBS informing you that you may begin using the online tool. Contact us if you have any questions at or (877) 938-7310.

Online Payroll ACH Agreement
Online Payroll Change Form
PDF Brochure

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