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Using your Flexible Spending Account This Summer

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a great way to save on out-of-pocket health care expenses throughout the year. This summer, you may be planning a family trip, going to the beach, or enjoying a hike.

Did you know that you could use your FSA for different health care products for your upcoming summer trip? First aid kits are not only essential to have in your home but they are also must-haves for the road, a vacation at the beach, in the mountains, or for international travel. Having first aid items or a first aid kit ready means you won’t get stuck without a band-aid in case of a minor cut or scrape. You can even get kid-inspired band-aids with your child’s favorite cartoons to make boo-boos a little less painful. First aid kits also usually have cold compresses to apply to burns and other aches to quickly reduce any pain.

In addition to first aid kits, no summer vacation is complete without sunscreen. Lots of sunscreen. Proper sun care for you and your family is key to ensuring you enjoy the beach, camping, or any road trip. Luckily, an FSA covers sunscreen to prevent sunburn!

Our partner,, offers thousands of healthy, everyday products that are eligible for purchase with your FSA. makes it easy to shop with your FSA because the site features products that are eligible with an FSA, and everything is clearly marked. Let NBS help you with your summer vacation this year- use the coupon code NBSB10 at checkout to get $10 off your order at FSAstore.

Check out the selection of FSA eligible products including first aid kits and sunscreen to get your vacation off to a good start.